Frequently Asked Questions


1 - New user 1st time payout policy.
Account must be 2 weeks old.
Total earning must be minimum $20.
Minimum payout amount $20.

2 - 2nd & onward payout policy .
Weekly Payout.
Minimum payout amount $20.
User can send us payment request every monday. Payment will be made within 2 to 5 business days.

Please Note : All payments will be made via Paypal & Payoneer.


This System offer's you multiple ways of earnings, any or all advertisement is not forced, to click, any advertisement you like you can click .

1.1 - Download & Install Software / Apps by using desktop / laptop / Mobile Phones , Note Pad .
please Note Make Sure Completely Download & Install , Incomplete Install will not be counted.

1.2 Mobile Offers IOS & Andriod , Most of Them are CPA Ads.
Install Apps - Form Submit - Pin Submit - Email verification - Registration Please check every single ads & make sure you get reward. Incomplete activity will not be counted.
We accept the following Operation system, Windows / IOS / Android .

1.3 - Watch Sponsor Ads & Visit Websites .
dvertisement , Many ads display on this website , if you like any advertisement you can click and perform activity most of them are CPA & CPI.

1.4 - Watch Short Videos .
Video when you see any add during video if you like any advertisement you can click and perform activity most of them are CPA.

if you want to see new advertismenet just refresh your page and you can see new advertisment will be appear.
Key of your success to complete any tasks is paying attention to any instructions written next to the task bar.
Your accuracy and estimated credits are displayed on your dashboard.


Please do not worry if u see this message, This is a temporary message which appears normally when we are updating system like removing old campaigns and adding new campaigns.
What you can do is simply refresh your page or wait for some time to update system.
We have campaigns almost from all over the world. No matter you are from where, you will get some task to do It.


Yes you can have a separate account.
But the condition is , you all cannot use same IP to work.
You must perform task with the Different IP.
1.1 - 1 Ip 1 computer allowed at a time.
1.2 - login with the same Ip more then 1 user with the same Ip & perform same task will be considered as a duplicate.
1.3 - For example if you download and install 1 link, if you do the same download and install again in next 24 hours will be consider as a duplicate.
1.4 - Each download & install / Watch Ads / Watch Video / Openion allow conversion once for 24 hours.
1.5 - Please remind that we do not allow installations on VPS/Virtual machines and by proxy or vpn.


Any fraudulent activity is strictly prohibited!
Attention all members, sending impressions generated using bots, proxies, scripts, auto-refreshers, or any other surreptitious methods, lead to account suspension and all earnings will be forfeited.

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